Maxi Taxi in Perth

Maxi taxis have become increasingly popular in Perth due to their spaciousness, affordability, and convenience for group transportation. Wheelchair Taxi Perth goes a step further by providing maxi taxis that are wheelchair accessible, ensuring inclusive transportation for individuals with mobility challenges. These versatile vehicles offer a range of services beyond group transportation, making them an ideal choice for various needs. In this article, we will explore the multiple applications of maxi taxis by Wheelchair Taxi Perth, including group transportation, parcel delivery, events and parties transportation, airport transfers, wedding transportation, and corporate travel.

12 seater maxi taxi wheelchair taxi perth

Maxi Taxi for Group Transportation

For group transportation, Wheelchair Taxi Perth’s maxi taxis are ideal. These roomy cars can easily fit bigger groups, whether you’re organising a family vacation, a family day trip or a school field trip. With seating capacities ranging from 5 to 13 seats, everyone may simply travel together and take pleasure in their trip.

Maxi Taxis for Parcel Delivery

Maxi taxis can also be utilized for parcel delivery services. If you have items that need to be transported within the city, Wheelchair Taxi Perth’s maxi taxis provide a reliable and efficient option. Their experienced drivers can handle the safe and timely delivery of parcels, ensuring your items reach their destination securely.

Events and Parties Transportation

Transportation logistics are important when planning events or gatherings. Maxi taxis provide a convenient option for getting visitors to and from the site. A practical and pleasant transportation choice for guests, maxi taxis can handle groups of all sizes, whether it’s a birthday party, business event or wedding.

Maxi Taxi to Perth Airport

For hassle-free airport transfers, maxi taxis are an excellent choice. Wheelchair Taxi Perth’s maxi taxis can comfortably transport groups and their luggage to and from the airport. Whether you’re traveling with family or colleagues, these spacious vehicles ensure a smooth and stress-free start or end to your journey.

Wedding Transportation

Maxi cabs may be a dependable and fashionable mode of transportation for your wedding party on your special day. The bridal party, groomsmen, and other significant guests can be transported in luxury in these cars thanks to their increased seating capacity. The maxi taxis from Wheelchair Taxi Perth may be decorated with wedding décor to give your journey a more opulent feel.

Corporate Travel

Maxi taxis are also suitable for corporate travel requirements. Whether it’s transporting employees to conferences, team-building events, or business meetings, these vehicles offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Wheelchair Taxi Perth’s maxi taxis provide comfortable seating arrangements and ensure a professional and reliable transportation experience for corporate clients.


Maxi taxis provided by Wheelchair Taxi Perth offer versatile solutions for various transportation needs in Perth. Whether it’s group transportation, parcel delivery, events and parties transportation, airport transfers, wedding transportation, or corporate travel, these spacious vehicles cater to different requirements. With their wheelchair accessibility, they ensure inclusive transportation for individuals with mobility challenges. When you choose Wheelchair Taxi Perth’s maxi taxis, you can expect reliable service, professional drivers, and a comfortable journey, regardless of the purpose of your transportation. Consider booking a maxi taxi for your next transportation needs and experience the convenience and versatility they offer.

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